“ Guttural Hard Rock & Blues Fusion: To experience is to believe… “

“It’s finally out!!!! Been working on this all year!!
My versions of a handful of classics that inspired me in my youth…
Keeping the Rock Alive people!!! ENJOY!!... “

De Amerikaan “extraordinaire” singer-songwriter en blues rock gitarist Brett Ellis, behorend tot de muziek scene van San Diego, is al twintig jaar de frontman van de gelijknamige band. De line-up van The Brett Ellis Band bestaat verder uit bassist Rick Nash & drummer Calvin Lakin.

Brett Ellis werkte al samen met / opende voor o.a. Eric Johnson, Edgar Winter, Foghat, Sammy Hagar, Glen Hughes (Deep Purple), de Duitse gitarist Uli Jon Roth (Scorpions), drummer Carl Palmer, de Amerikaanse metal rock band King's X, Bad Company en de Canadese rock gitarist Pat Travers.

Op ‘The Warriors Before Me’ [2016], Ellis’ laatste studio album, is Ellis op zoek naar zijn voorbeelden, naar de artiesten die hem in zijn jeugd inspireerden. Het is een album met niet minder dan vijftien tracks, met interpretaties van songs van o.a. Jimi Hendrix (”Ezy Ryder” – 1977), Robin Trower (”Twice Removed From Yesterday” – 1973), The Scorpions (”Living and Dying” – 1975), Rainbow (”Self Portrait” – 1975), Pat Travers (”Go All Night” – 1979), Black Sabath (“Supernaut” – 1972), Van Halen (”Outta Love Again” – 1979), Gary Moore (”Bad News” – 1983), Johnny Winter (”Bad Luck Situation” – 1974), ZZ Top (”Neighbor Neighbor” – 1971), AC/DC (”Whole Lotta Rosie” – 1977) en Led Zeppelin (”We’re Gonna Groove (Zep Jam)” – 1982). 

Joe Romagnola and I spent many hours over a long strech of time, going back and forth on different song possibilities from the deep weel from wich to choose. These hours, along with a very special request, is what brought us in th end to these final choices that only scratch the surface. Furthermore, it was only with the help of my exceptional rhythm section and bandmates Calvin and Rick; sonic master Steve “The Chef”; the amazing guest vocalists Alison Graham, Jay & Rick; along with Joe and Sami Romagnola laying down their famous Nyxian:Drift graphic Design that I was able to bring this dream to fruition. So a big thanks to all of them as well as all my family and friends, and with no further ado, here is "THE WARRIORS BEFORE ME"... Enjoy!!! (Brett Ellis - October-2016)

Brett Ellis is op ‘The Warriors Before Me’ als gitarist gewoon briljant. Zijn techniek en unieke benadering van de gekozen nummers bepalen hier duidelijk het verschil. De bottom line, wanneer je een fan bent van gitaar rock, is dat 'The Warriors Before Me' van Brett Ellis een “must have” is voor uw muziek verzameling.

Eric Schuurmans



Album track list:
1”Ezy Ryder” [Jimi Hendrix-1977-Hendrix] - 2”Twice Removed From Yesterday” [Robin Trower–1973-Trower/Dewar] - 3”Tryin’ Anyway” [Frank Marino with Mahogany Rush-1975-Marino] - 4”Living and Dying” [Uli Jon with the Scorpions-1975-Meine/R.Schenker] - 5”Self Portrait” [Richie Blackmore with Rainbow-1975-Blackmore/R.J.Dio] - 6”Go All Night” [Pat Travers-1979-Travers] - 7”Supernaut” [Tonny Iommi with Black Sabbath-1972-Iommi/Butler/Ward/Osbourne] - 8”Outta Love Again” [Eddie Van Halen with Van Halen-1979-E. Van Halen/A. Van Halen/Roth/Anthony] - 9”Bad News” [Gary Moore-1983-Moore] - 10”Ain’t No Baby” [Michael Schenker-1978-Mogg/Way] - 11”Bad Luck Situation” [Johnny Winter-1974-Winter] - 12”Neighbor Neighbor” [Billy Gibbons with ZZ Top-1971-Gibbons] - 13”Road Fever” [Lonesome Dave Peverett & Rod Price with Foghat-1973-Peverett/Price] - 14”Whole Lotta Rosie” [Angus Young with AC/DC-1977-M.Young/A.Young/Scott] - 15”We’re Gonna Groove (Zep Jam)” [Jimmy Page with Led zeppelin-1982-King/Bethea-Page] – Music / Lyrics as [noted] ℗ 2016 – Produced by Brett Ellis

Album Line-up:
Brett Ellis: guitar, lead vocals
Rick Nash: bass
Calvin Lakin: drums
& Guest Vocalists : Jason Edwards (1– double with Brett, 8-bv, 10-lead, 15-lead) / Rick Reed (4-lead, 8-bv, 12-bv, 13-lead) / Graham Heath (5-harmony, 9-lead, 14-lead) / Allison Smith (1-bv, 4-harmony, 6-bv, 7-lead, 8-bv,10-bv,15-lead&bv) 

Discography Bratt Ellis:
The Warriors Before Me [2016] |  Redemption At the Mojo Circus [2014] | Reflections of Electrified Music [2014] | Zero [2013] | Monkey Brains [2012] | Guiltlessly Free [2009] | Musical Diary of Hopeless Romantic [2008] | Classical Guitar Compositions by Fernando Sor // Vol. 1 [2008] | Classical Guitar Compositions by Fernando Sor // Vol. 2 [2008] | Pain [2007]


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Label: Grooveyard Records